200mm clearance landing legs

Materials: Fiberglass G10 2.0mm thick, aluminium tubes 6-8x1mm.


Size: 200mm clearance, big space for LiPos.


Weight: <> 260g


Included parts: Fiberglass elements, long aluminium spacers with brass inserts, all needed screws, two velcros etc.


Description: Medium high landing legs. Will be high enought for GoPro gimbals, smaller p&s cameras.


Strong construction withstand over 20kg of pressure without any problems. Big space for LiPos - you can fit 2x 5000mAh 3S LiPo, maybe even 2x 5000mAh 4S. Span of the base (skids) <> 325x325mm.


Optional accessories: You can buy legs alone or with two optional accessory plates (see photos).


The specifications and designs are subject to be changed without prior notice for futher improvement.

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