FOLDABLE QUAD PRO frame for 25mm arms (w/o arms)


Fiberglass G10/G11 2.5mm thick center boards



   <> 695g with carbon fiber arms (with 325mm arms, including motor mounts),

   <> 720g with carbon fiber arms (with 370mm arms, including motor mounts),

   <> 735g with carbon fiber arms (with 400mm arms, including motor mounts),

   <> 755g with carbon fiber arms (with 495mm arms, including motor mounts)


Remember that any motors and propellers should be ballanced before using it!


Included parts: 

    - two black 2.5mm fiberglass main plates,

    - four motor mounts with boom block,

    - Power Distribution Tower

    - zipties,

    - screws, nuts, washers, spacers etc 


not included:

arms - can be bought here


Assembly manual

99,00 €
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